Being home to many of the nation’s renowned scientists and researchers in agriculture and related fields, CAFS takes pride in its research and development arm. For the past years, the College was able to successfully contribute to the production and development of knowledge and technologies aimed at advancing the country’s agriculture sector through various research and development initiatives.

Realizing the role of research as an enabler of development, CAFS continues to strengthen its initiatives on research and development through the six degree-granting institutes, three research, development and extension (RDE) institutes, and three specialized units. The recent restructuring of CAFS included a goal of strengthening its RDE centers and institutes and work for them to be recognized internationally. To achieve this, RDE programs are now focused on commodity-based research, cutting across allied disciplines. Specialized laboratories and world-class researches are also established as part of the plan. Moreover, research outputs are given priority by strengthening collaboration with the industry, working for increased utilization and further development, and supporting researchers in publishing research results. Lastly, as a university mandated to provide public-service, the research and development outputs should be made available to its intended stakeholders. Because of this, each unit conducts various researches, all of which are in-line with general goal of CAFS – to promote the development of a robust agriculture sector and industry that meet the challenges of food security and safety, poverty, climate change, and environmental sustainability.