CAFS also offers analytical and research services. The College hosts multiple laboratories that cater to the needs of researchers and students.
They are specialized according to the specific field of agriculture they belong to.

  • Animal Nutrition Analytical Services Laboratory
  • CAFS-ACS Analytical Services Laboratory
  • CAFS-ADSC Dairy Microbiology Laboratory
  • CAFS-ADSC Breeding and Physiology Laboratory
  • CAFS-ADSC Dairy Chemistry Laboratory
  • CAFS-ADSC Dairy Nutrition Laboratory
  • CAFS-FSC Sensory Evaluation Laboratory
  • CAFS-FSC Pilot Plant
  • CAFS-FSC Food Safety Laboratory
    • allocation of experimental areas for students, researchers and others (renewable every cropping season or 6-month period, depending on research or project);Requirements:
          • Letter request
          • CES Form No.1
          • Project Proposal

Farm Supervisor: Mr. Michael M. Palis
Land Preparation Services

    • Mowinh
    • Disking (shallow harrowing)
    • Plowing
    • Harrowing
    • Rotavation
    • Furrowing

Farm Supervisor: Mr. Michael M. Palis
Land Preparation Services

    • Bulldozer Operation
    • Hauling Services
    • Cultivation/Hilling Up
    • Payloader Operation
    • Road Grader Operation
    • Backhoe Operation

Farm Supervisor: Mr. Erwin B. Gonzales
Land Preparation Services

    • Pumping (deep well pump) of potable water and storage of irrigation water
    • Perforain Irrigation
    • Furrow Irrigation
    • Gravity/Flooding Irrigation (Lowland)
    • Requirements:
        • CES Form No.2

In addition to these services, CES also performs the following:

Farm Supervisor: Mr. Erwin B. Gonzales

    • Maintenance (clearing) of roadsides, dikes, and canals with the brush cutter
    • Maintenance of water reservoirs and specific areas in the field
    • Maintenance of Perimeter Fences

Farm Supervisor: Mr. Erwin B. Gonzales

    • Crop Management

If you require any of these services, you may visit us or get in touch with our office through our email address: You may download CES forms at (insert link).