Who we are

General functions of the College Secretary have remained essentially the same that include keeping permanent records of the workload of faculty and students of the college, coordinating all activities of the faculty committee, and seeing that the students’ requirements for graduation are fulfilled.

What we do

The CAFS Secretary’s Office is offering the following Services to students and faculty:

  •  Assisted Enlistment, issuance of FORM 5 and FORM 26 during enrollment.
  • Request and approval of Field Trip
  • Request for True Copy of Grades and Checklist of Grades
  • Request for Certification (GWA, Graduation, Academic Standing, Good Moral and excuse slip)
  • Processing of Academic Forms (Form 26, Consent of Instructor, Waiver of Pre-Requisite, Under-load and Over-load permits, Revision of GE PLAN and Major of Course  Plan, TFE and other scholarships)
  • Recording of Outline and Manuscript (Thesis and Major Practice)
  • Processing of Cross Registration, Re-admission, shifting to CA and other college and UP Campuses, Leave Of Absence (LOA) and Absence without Leave (AWOL)
  • Issuance of Computerized Copy of Grades after every semester
  • Processing of Faculty Service Record


The Office of the College Secretary aims to provide efficient, quality service to the students of the College of Agriculture and Food Science and to constantly improve services to meet the changing needs of the students. The office also seeks to uphold the values of honor and integrity in dealing with the students, faculty and staff of the college and other units of the university.


The College of Agriculture and Food Science Secretary’s Office primarily aims to support the academic progress of CAFS students by ensuring that all records are accurate. The office is responsible for facilitating efficient registration, implementing and upholding of academic policies and procedures, keeping of student permanent academic records and evaluating faculty workload. The staff is tasked to ensure that the students’ requirements for graduation are fulfilled and promptly issues pertinent academic documents for graduates and current students.

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