CAFS Mascot Contest

1. Anyone is qualified to submit original Mascot design for the College of Agriculture and Food Science.
2. The entry for the event should be submitted to the Screening Committee on or before 15 January 2020.
3. A participant may submit as many entries as possible. Submitted entries may not be returned to the participants.
4. An entry should be in digitized format.
5. An entry should be printed in A4 size bond paper. The participant should write and sign his/her name on the back page of the entry.
6. There is no restriction on the number of colors for the Mascot design. Description of the materials to be used in the creation of the mascot should be submitted together with the design.
7. A brief desciption or rationale explaining the components of the Mascot should be included in the entry. It should be encoded on separate A4 size bond paper.
8. All entries should be submitted to
9. By joining the competition, the participant declares that the Mascot design submitted is his/her original work, has not been submitted to any other competition and does not infringe on any third party’s existing copy right. Any complaints that may arise due to similarities, likeness or comparison of the design would be the accountability of the participant as he/she would be responsible to prove its authenticity.
10. The Mascot Design Contest shall be judge according to the following criteria:

a. Relevance to the theme 40%
b. Originality 30%
c. Creativity and workability 20%
d. Visual impact 10%

11. One winner will be chosen in the contest and will receive a cash prize of Three Thausand Pesos (P3000.00)
12. The winning entry will automatically become the intellectual property of the College of Agriculture and Food Science.
13. The College of Agriculture and Food Science Administration has the right to edit the winning entry.

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