Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) will assert its role in the food manufacturing industry by enhancing collaborative research and providing vital services that will uplift the small industries as well as ascertain the position of IFST in the operations of the big players in the industry to further achieve or maintain their corporate stature. Participation of IFST in the crucial steps of raw material sourcing, quality control programs and manufacturing will provide a strong link between the industry and IFST. The alignment of the functions of IFST to the needs of the industry will strengthen its role for a more progressive Philippine agriculture. It will also accomplish its mandate to help farmers in promoting their produce through value adding and linking with the food industry to introduce and create new product lines from diverse raw materials found in the country. Further, the IFSt will continue to (i) develop a critical mass of leaders, teachers, researchers and extension workers in food science and technology; (ii) generate basic information through research for the efficient handling, distribution, processing and utilization of agricultural produce; (iii) develop appropriate and efficient food handling and processing technologies; and (iv) provide technical assistance to the various sectors of the food industry, particularly the small and medium enterprises SMEs and even big food manufacturing companies in providing additional services to these companies through collaborative research, quality control and food safety management system programs, toll manufacturing services, product development and technology transfer.