The Agricultural Systems Cluster (ASC) was the first cluster in the College of Agriculture to be established in 2003 following the consolidation of the former Department of Agricultural Education and Rural Studies (DAERS), Department of Soil Science (DSS) and the Farming Systems and Soil Resources Institute (FSSRI).

In 2016, the College of Agriculture underwent restructuring and renamed the cluster into the Agricultural Systems Institute (ASI) with three divisions namely; 1) Division of Agricultural Systems Studies (DASS), 2) Division of Agricultural Extension and Rural Studies (DAERS), and 3) Division of Soil Science (DSS). The goals of the ASI include the provision of quality instruction and training in agricultural systems, soil science and agricultural extension; generation of relevant and appropriate research and/or development programs utilizing systems theories, methodologies and strategies towards sustainable livelihood; development and promotion of innovative and effective agricultural extension approaches for countryside development; and generation and management of resources to support instruction, research and extension in agricultural systems.